19 September 2009

HO; a sonic vehicle to assist new audiences

It is still hard for me to classify with precision the nature of this new creative work, because it touches different disciplines, media technologies and aesthetics. Some people who have experienced Ho have described it as a live interactive musical system immersed on a virtual three dimensional visual space. However, others have argued that it resembles them the aesthetics of a game, because although the focus is clearly on sound, it is built around blender 3D game engine. I would like to think that any intention to catalogue this work, will never be as important as the effort to understand the real underlying compositional and socio-cultural aims of Ho.

Ho makes use of the The Navigation System Through Sound, a new sonic-GPS orientation tool, which I conceived to assist dynamic compositional musical methods on a live performance. A truly Sonic Nautilus.
I always hoped to discover a mechanism to help general audiences to understand and enjoy more the language of electro-acoustic music, which is rather complex. From start,
Ho aimed to provide non-experts with an enhanced surround sonic experience, inspired by that achieved on the visual sensory system in planetariums and three-dimensional cinemas. This is why 3D domes are the ideal home for Ho.