23 June 2009

Assembling the Zebra-Crossing Scene in Blender

I started to assembly together this scene, after I worked on many different problems on separate blender files.
3D Visuals are still the work of a newbie for sure but I am starting to understand the mechanics of the Game Engine and some other stuff related to UV mapping, randomisers in Phyton and control with several choices. Also my focus is the OSC implementation with audio in max and how do I orchestrate the live visual decisions.
This video is a simple demo of intergrating the environment (maping a city background borrowed until I put my own one and), some zebra crossing texture and the Navigator. The navigation has some simple expresion (no armature) and it can move independently across the environment or using camera view.

Above the navigator for the scene in Zebra crossing. Virtual city background picture borrowed from the blender community.

I do not want to create a long maze of streets (for now) but to simply use this idea for sonic purposes, once I have merged the cars. I want to get away from the aesthetics of a video game.
In the next day or two I also want to incorporate random agents (Rickshaws and friends) and some properties for detetion of proximity, radar, collision etc which will be sent via OSC to max as explained in previous posts.
Also, I am designing sound for the navigator itself so that it will be heard when it moves.