13 May 2009

Ho Scenes uploaded to structure the Sonic MAP

Below a set of Sonic Scenes which I will be developing in the next months to come. Click to enlarge!

From Mission Control, the composer-performer will be able to move across our sonic map, from one scene to the next, (in no particular order).

SCENES LIST for Ho (as for 13, May 2009):

- Navigation System Through Sound - a basic introduction to the function of the Navigation System
- Ho: A Sonic Expedition to Vietnam - basic intro to this composition using the Navigator

- Ho Chi Minh: Zebra Crossing - a sonic game
- Ho LIFE (Radio Scene) - documentary scene about Ho by randomly tuning a radio
- Cat Tien National Park- a sound-walk across a jungle of natural sounds.
- Vietnam Kitchen Party - a kitchen tool percussion kit and slup noises of rice noodle soup...
- Ricksahw trip - a sound journey of rattles, voices, bells in a city trip
- Vietcong battle - a game-like sonic experience. Try to embush the American troops or to get away from the Vietcong!
- French Indochina - not decided 100%- it may be a visit from a French lieutenant to an opium house in Hanoi (who knows what sounds to compose!) or something with a french singer in a cabaret.
- Hanoi Island Labyrinth - It may be like a sonic maze trying to lead your ship to open waters from the labyrinth.