19 November 2009

Ho in Transition_MX03, Mexico

Ho - a sonic expedition to vietnam: Radio HO scene from Surround Wunderbar Studio on Vimeo.

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Programme notes for Ho in Mexico

Navigation System Through Sound

Navigation System Through Sound is a new sound GPS that serves as a tool to help musical composition in real time during a live performance. Its intention is to make the electroacoustical language accessible to audiences of all types, giving them an augmented auditory experience and to ¨surround¨ these experiences. Climent has been inspired by the augmentation of reality experienced in 3D cinemas and planetariums. Also, he wishes to sensitize the listener to problems related to sound contamination. The interpreter/composer transformed into ¨the ship’s captain¨ controls an interface that functions as a sound rudder. Inspired by maritime navigation he leads his audiences on a unique sonic experience with strategic stops along the way (physical or imaginary). This investigative work along with the Blog contextualizes the concept of navigation through sound. New investigative and creative questions arise, stimulated and powered by the work. By using the new system Climent attempts to respond to the issues-both of a scientific and artistic nature. His first practical implementation of this work Ho (abbreviation for Ho Chi Minh City), combines humor with drama, to make for a passionate sound journey using a backdrop of imaginary Vietnamese maps.


Artists: Luke Dubois, Phil Stearns, Gerardo García de la Garza, Volkmar Klien, Christian Oyarzún, Kaleid Arts Ensemble, Loud Objects, Horacio Franco, Nick v.s Nic, RRR, Ricardo Climent, Peter Vogeland Lesley Flanigan
Curatorship: Rodrigo Sigaland Arcángel Constantini