11 July 2009

Spherical mirror early tests in the gallery

Finally, the spherical mirror arrived and although not perfect, it serves as a start. My early conclusion is that I need a different projector with higher focus capabilities (can focus an image on the mirror at a~ 40 cm max) and it has more luminosity. Also, I need to get the fabrics done as soon as possible so, that I can have a real calibration of the surface.
I visited Manchester a couple of days ago and found a possible room to host the dome (in F04) at the MHC and for a month. However, I would prefer the possibility to host it in Studio 2, as is already has the 5.1 system (five 8030s and one 7050 speakers) and it is the multimedia Studio (the Beckles).

Above, Paul Burke's calibration grid projected from blender

early calibration tests

Calibration seems awful.

projection detail (minimum focus distance is 1 meter (not good at all)

Reflected light is not too high compared to normal mirror surfaces.

Projected on temp screen (bot the right fabrics and size yet)

A different dome projection test

projection from a different angle

Vertical test not too good either (not comfortable for navigation)