28 June 2009

Rent a gallery space in Neukölln, Berlin

I am struggling to work and live with this dome hanging from my roof in the living room, so I just rent a gallery space in Neukölln, Berlin for six weeks. I move tomorrow!. The space here in Prenzlauer Berg remains as the main sound studio (SWS) but I am taking all the projection elements elsewhere. The art gallery is in a cool place in Weichsel strasse by the canal. In the area, there is plenty of tiny art galleries all over and cute cafe bars. The gallery has blinds (double ones) so, I will be able to work with the projector and the dome during the day (I can't now). I regret I had arranged a couple of trips abroad during July but I had no choice (one to Manchester and another one to Porto for SMC to push the timbila project).
If things go well, I may have an indoor presentation of the project (only by invitation), for people to provide me feedback.
I hope to post a picture of two of the gallery space shortly. This is exciting! I already made the todolist.

This weekend, Neukölln was particularly nice because it cellebrated the 24 Stunden event:

Above, one of the gallery spaces of the 48 hours show: "Der Geheime Garten" Alte Kindl-Brauerei Neukölln, Berlin

I had a look around my area in Paul-Robeson, where there seem to be quite a number of spaces for rent, however,
Neukölln is cheaper and very cool.

A place in 10439 district (Berlin)

For future references, some of the best spaces in town are the chain of reconverted old factories by ORCO-GSG. Affordable and amazing.

Example: GSG-HOF Gustav-Meyer-Allee, 13355 Berlin-Wedding