30 June 2009

Abstract cities test (not yet panorama)

Pictured above, overflow by Ima Pico (real size of the digital mural is 18 meters x 2.5 m)

I have started my first real-time tests using abstract urban digital-mural landscapes from visual artist Ima Pico. It provides a sense of location but it is more abstract. Sonically, I like the idea a lot, as it helps me to foresee the transition from source-visual related sounds (e.g. vehicle-like sounds and vehicles images in motion) to a more abstract one with innen-motion but detached from visual associations.

Below a test with the game engine (it is a bit choppy as I need to reduce the size of the images more).
Some of those are not the final murals to be seen though, but they give me an idea of the effect.
Next visual step will be to do the uvunrapping on a dome surface type of mesh, rather than a rectangluar room and increase the size of the zebra crossing surface.