13 May 2009

Stage layout updated

To match the new Orchestral score I have simplified the stage layout of the navigator system to seven elements:

1 --> Navigator Wheel
2 --> Computer (/s) and audio rack (for live data)
3 --> Interactive Cartographic Map
4 --> Classic Diffusion system
5 --> Sound System (genelec type)
6- Throttle
7 --> Projector Screen and video projector (triptych) - after Napoleon's silent film (1927), partially projected in Polyvision, a triptych format. [1]

Below, alternative projection in a planetarium-like space:


[1] Below, a couple of screenshots of Napoleon's film part in Polyvision, a triptych format. The orchestra (orchestra di Roma e del Lazio) is the group of spots below the screen, just adding 'sound' to the silent film.