20 May 2009

3D Navigator Scene: Recent implementations & Todolist

Some visual description of some matters mentioned below:

A new carousell, now in blender

Realtime control of the navigator which ends with a smart bow...

Testing UVmapping of a snow texture and rotation


* Modelling:
  • Modelling of the Navigator in 3D
  • Implementation of background picture and UVMapping of the Zebra crossing texture
  • First Person view with camera and navigator (parent objects)
  • Rickshaw and Car created and imported to Blender
  • Scene Menu moved from FLASH to Blender
* Game engine:
  • Navigator displacement control with keyboard arrow keys.
  • Rotation of the steering wheel with mouse control hacked on the Real navigator wheel
  • Other movement of the head: left - right and up down (including Empty object for parental of objects)
  • Dummy tests on Physics, including Collision and Radar tools for the zebra crossing scene
  • OSC implementation to control MAXMSP using a Phyton script
  • MaxMSP patch to receive and sonify data received from Blender
* Interface:
  • Creating the Throttle: Purchase of Scooter and intervention, also a rotating office chair and a metallic cutter.
  • Undusted the kroonde wireless interface and a couple of arduino projects, plus a collection of sensors; flexometers, gyroscope etc.
  • Purchase of a real Tent for screen projection purposes, to experiment with eye-view slides.


* Modelling:
  • Textures
* Game engine:
  • Integration of objects in a single screen
  • Random object using phyton script to generate traffic
  • Build a model for the scooter to control speed and forward/backwards
* Interface:
  • Build the Scooter
  • Throttle-OSC: See a way to communicate from MAX to blender (I know all the way around) or alternatively just build a small project in arduino via USB as mouse control, or hack the game controller (the latter might be the easier)
  • Design sound for the navigator (each turn, the wheels rolling etc)
  • Move to max to start start the metadata descriptors for this Scene (Zebra c) and associate it to coordinates and vehicles and navigator events.