23 April 2009

Demo at the Sky Planetarium Theater @ UNT, TEXAS

The Sky Theater @ UNT is located in the Environmental Education Science and Technology Building on the University of North Texas campus in Denton, TX. This unique 100 seat, 40-foot domed theater features the Digistar III projection system that can reproduce tonight's sky with digital precision. It can make you feel like you are traveling to nearby stars, or taking a celestial roller coaster, or winding through a field of electrons within an atom. The planetarium presents a variety of entertaining and educational programs for schools, the university and the general public.

Dr Andrew May, at UNT intruduced me Randall O. Peters a Physicist and Palnetarium manager of the Sky Theaterat UNT, during my visit to the USA in April 09.
I attended a mock testing session of a new 3D film shoot by Randall himself before editing and projector's synchronisation. It was an interesting film experience on board of an old US bombarder, including real ound recordings on that plane. Dr Peters also explained me how audio and video servers integrate with the 5.1 system and other technologies behind the curtains.

Post-visit: Since then, I've done some readings about open source and new affordable technologies to film with true 3D eye-fish cameras and started to learn more about the advantages between different projector systems (single, dual etc) and their history. Also, I had a look at the existing repertoire of films, productions
and companies surrounding this commercial enviroment.

Pictured above, a view of th Physics building at UNT, hosting the Sky Planetarium Theatre.